Johnny Cool Darwin New Solar Products

At the end of 2013 Johnny Cool Darwin finalized contracts to become the sole NT dealer for Aussie Air solar air conditioners and Solflow solar pool pumps.

Given the amount of solar product coming onto the market at present, John and Kylie decided to install both solar pool pump and solar air conditioner into their Bellamack home. The resulting drop in their average ($1200 per quarter) PowerWater account to $560.00 was certainly reason enough to become very excited by these products.

The air conditioner is a high wall split – and keeps the living area around 8* cooler than the outside temperature with a considerable drop in the humidity. It is just turned on when leaving in the morning for work, and at 5 pm, the house is nice and cool and dry! John and Kylies house is a solid block home, and using our air-conditioners only at night, they were struggling to bring the temperature down due to the latent heat from the building. Not any more.....

'The Solflow pool pump I think represents the biggest savings on our PAWA bills. We have a small pool – around 21000 litres, and needed to run the pump on average 4.5 hours per day. Since installing the solar pool pump, the 'normal' pump has not been run. As soon as the sun comes up – off it goes, even on overcast days there is generally enough light to run the pump. AND it runs all day, no worrying about the costs of having to run the pump and waste precious power and money.

Our house is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom solid block low set home. We have a 2.5 KW solar system installed also, which generates modest (around $250.00 per quarter) savings on our PAWA bills. We have cassette air conditioning in the living/kitchen areas and main bedroom, and 2 high wall splits in the secondary bedrooms. When building, we installed a small commercial unit for the house, all the air conditioners are run off one condenser, which is also able to be 'powered up or down'. Over the period of the last PAWA bill, we constantly had visitors, and pretty much had all air conditioners running every night, and living area on some days'.

For people seriously interested in these products, including Auxin grid connect solar, we are more than happy to let them have a look at these products in operation.

An update on JCD being the NT dealers for Auxin solar (USA) – we are currently in negotiation to take over the Australian rights to market and sell this product. Exciting times