Johnny Cool Darwin has just completed the installation of a 99.84 KW grid connect solar system on the roof of the Casuarina Library.

We tendered for this in early January, and against several strong contenders, won the project. It is a first both for the Darwin City Council, and also for Johnny Cool to install such a large complex system.

The system consists of

  • 416 Infinity New Energy 240W panels
  • 208 Solar Panel Optimisers
  • Payback period of 4 years – with a system lifetime of 20 years.
  • Greenhouse gas offset – 2588 tonnes of CO2 emissions over 20 years
  • 6 X Solar Edge 17KW inverters – which are all computer linked.
  • Firefighter Gateway – which connects to the Fire Panel at the entrance to the building.

This system has a 'live' display – which monitors the output on a daily basis via the internet link on the inverters. It also has a 'brain' – the solar panel optimisers (1 for every two panels), which indicate if there is a panel not working – JCD and the DCC are then notified, and the problem can be isolated and resolved.